Marketing Communications: Safe, Grounded, New

By brucelynn

May 7, 2012

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Not just social media, but marketing in general can use the 70-20-10 Rule as outlined by Coca-Cola’s Vice President, Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence Jonathan Mildenhall in his piece “Innovation and the 70/20/10 rule: The Coca-Cola Company’s Approach.”

“To help guide this strategic intent we have developed an investment strategy for media and content spend. We call the model ‘the 70/20/10 investment principle.’ Basically, it gives us a way of looking at all our communication plans across the business.”:

  • 70% Low Risk ‘Bread and Butter’ – “The first segment relates to 70% of our communications spend. This goes on low risk, “bread and butter” content. It pays the rent. It’s our passport to the 20% or the 10%. Developing content for this segment should consume proportionately less time, perhaps as little as 50% of our hours. “
  • 20% Grounded Innovation – “Next, we have the 20% of our content where we innovate based on what we know works well. This content will engage more deeply with a specific target group but will still operate on a certain broad scale.”
  • 10% New Ideas – “Last, we have the high risk content that falls into our 10% segment. This involves brand new ideas. These may one day become part of our 20% or even 70% segments. Equally, these ideas may well fail outright. We need to be prepared for them to succeed or fail, and to celebrate either outcome.”

One Response to “Marketing Communications: Safe, Grounded, New”

  1. […] 70-20-10 to Innovation has been discussed before in the context of Coca Cola (marketing) and Google (technology), but the Najgi and Tuff piece are aiming for a more generic model. They […]

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