School: Study, Social, Lecture

By brucelynn

May 24, 2012


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Lesson #1 – Your time in fraternity basements was well spent. – ‘Some of Your Worst Days Lie Ahead’

Don Clark’s examination of the classic 70-20-10 Learning principle re-dubs the 20% ‘Coaching’ element to ‘Social’ which he describes as…

“Social learning may be done face-to-face or through the use of social media tools. Some of the methods used include:”

  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Shadowing a skilled performer
  • Sounding out ideas that promote discussions and constructive feedback
  • Seeking advice and asking opinions

This redrafting resonated with my experience at Harvard University (whose Class of 2012 Commences today)…

  • 70% – Study: The ‘On the Job’ 70% is obviously the hours of reading, researching and studying in a student’s life which is also consistent.
  • 20% – Social: This was absolutely the area which fostered twice as much learning as the lectures. In fact, Harvard pioneered in this area by developing of the ‘House System’ by President Lowell with expressed purpose of promoting a greater learning environment through closer social interaction with fellow students and co-resident tutors: “President Lowell’s bold ‘experiment,’ the creation of the Harvard House system, has transformed undergraduate life at Harvard. For many students, the House community is as integral to their academic experience as the classroom.”
  • 10% – Lecture: When I first enrolled, I was struck by how few hours of the week were actually spent in Lectures. And that wasn’t skiving off the lectures. That was relatively few lectures being given. Typically, 2 or 3 for one hour per week for each course.

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

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