Big Data Mining: Predictions, Insights, Confirmations

Jase Bell applied the 70-20-10 Rule to transaction processing of ‘Big Data’ to mine for marketing insights…

  • 10% of transactions do Initial Prediction
  • 20% of transactions do Insight Deepening
  • 70% of transactions do Batch Confirmations

He explains…

“Suppose I have a stack of transaction data. First pass I want to process as quickly as possible who’s worth looking at to get a good prediction (the 10%), the next block will gain decent insight but with a larger margin or error for a positive outcome (20%) and the rest which we can trudge through in our own time, they won’t alter the bank balance (70%).In that first pass though I need the processing to be as quick as possible, a real high level check of unique user id’s to see who’s doing the real transactions. Once you’ve got the 10% you can spend a lot more processing time learning from them, their likes/dislikes and how it matches your brand. If they’ve spent that time shopping/surfing with you then it makes sense to learn from them the best you can.”

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