Clear Outs – Boot Sale, Charity, Trash


The spring weather has spurred an annual clear out. Rather than throwing it all into the tip, we try to find good homes and value even for our lesser loved possessions. We finished off the weekend with a trip to the local ‘Car Boot Sale’. Always a cultural experience in its own right. We were speculating how much we would sell and how much we would cart back. Curiously, the breakdown was pretty darn close to my 70-20-10 Rule…

  • 70% Sold – If you are reasonable on pricing, you should be able to sell the vast mahority.
  • 20% Charity – Some items were just not the right book/nick-knack/utensil for anyone on the day, but were perfectly fine items so we took them to the local charity shop (Oxfam).
  • 10% Trash – The rummage identified a number of chipped/broken/orphaned items that were just too useless even for charity.

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