Corporate Social Media: Lifestyle, Industry, Corporate

I first came across the 70-20-10 Rule working in technology for Microsoft and while I have found its application quite pervasive across a range of sectors, the digital world does seem to embrace it the most. The latest example is the third instance from the world of social media (prompting me to add a Social Media tag). This one is the breakdown of types of social media posts that corporates should target:

  • 70% Lifestyle – Lifestyle-oriented content, content that informs and entertains on nonfinancial matters.
  • 20% Industry – Corporate post branded and intended to sell or educate consumers on a firm’s products and services.
  • 10% Corporate – Non-branded content intended to educate consumers about more general financial matters.

This article, “Advisors Are Making a Big Social Media Mistake”, however does argue that this proportion is different for the financial sector.

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