Colours: Lightest, Second Lightest, Darkest

BT Home’s Lifestyle piece “9 ways to add colour to a dark kitchen” cites a 70-20-10 Rule on colour usage timely for today’s Design Day…

  • 70% of the Lightest Shade
  • 20% of the Second Lightest Shade
  • 10% for the Darkest Shade

Also QNS’s article “5 bathroom design trends that may make your home harder to sell“…

  • 70% of a Neutral Shade
  • 20% of a Contrasting Colour
  • 10% of a Bright or Accent Colour

Finally, Better Homes and Gardens “9 No-Fail Strategies for Using Color in a Modern Kitchen” articulated the QNS version in a slightly different way…

  • 70% of a Main Colour
  • 20% of a Balancing Colour Shade (between the Main and Accent)
  • 10% of a “Dramatic Accent” Colour

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